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Bring Your Oracle and Netezza Apps to dashDB with Database Conversion Workbench (DCW)

Whether you're just starting your journey to the cloud or already heavily invested in a cloud strategy, chances are you're facing a lot of questions around compatibility. For example, "will my new cloud services allow me to continue leveraging my legacy applications and databases?"

To help overcome the compatibility hurdle when migrating relational databases to the cloud, IBM offers a free tool - Database Conversion Workbench (DCW) . DCW is a no-charge plug-in for IBM Data Studio, which makes it easier to migrate your database from an on-premises relational database management system (RDBMS) to the IBM dashDB cloud data warehouse as well as to DB2 on Cloud.

The two primary ground-to-cloud migration paths supported by DCW are:

Regardless of the migration path you're taking, DCW will support you in the three main phases of database conversion: 1) DDL Extraction; 2) Assessment and conversion; and 3) Data movement. DCW's series of wizards and interactive help topics will guide you through each phase, with all necessary functions accessible through the graphical user interface.


DCW Features

Since converting databases from one vendor to another can be both difficult and time consuming, DCW makes it easier by providing an integrated help guide with step-by-step instructions for each stage of the migration. DCW features include:

  • DDL Extraction. Extracts objects from the source database. The DDL (Data Definition Language) extracted is used by DCW to analyze the source database and provide an estimate on compatibility and work effort.
  • Compatibility Evaluation. Analyzes the source database SQL to create a report with the compatibility ratio with the target database. The report outlines the major issues, code that can be auto-converted, as well as code that must be fixed manually.
  • Code Conversion. Automatically converts the source database SQL to the target database's compatible syntax.

The following table lists all features provided by DCW for the different migration paths:

Task Launcher X X X
DDL Extraction X X
Compatibility Evaluation Report X X X
Code Conversion X X X
Split DDL X X
Data Extraction (flat files) X X
Object Dependencies Visualizer X X

Getting Started

To start using DCW to smooth your transition to the cloud, you'll first need to have IBM Data Studio installed on the system you'll be using to manage your database migration. Data Studio is available for Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems, and can be downloaded at no cost here.

Once you have Data Studio up and running, you can install the DCW plugin, found here. You can watch this short video to help you get DCW up and running quickly.


Below is a list of resources that can help as you make your journey from ground to cloud.

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