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Load data from the desktop into dashDB

See how to populate data into a table in your IBM dashDB database from a local file residing on your machine. If you have a lot of data, skip down to learn about loading via IBM Aspera.

Load from Desktop Supercharged with IBM Aspera

See how IBM Aspera can improve your dashDB load from desktop experience by supercharging the slowest part of the process – the data network transfer.


Move Data with IBM Bluemix Lift

> Load data from the desktop into dashDB

Load data from the Cloud into dashDB

Move data to the Cloud with dashDB's MoveToCloud script

Load Twitter data into dashDB

Store Tweets Using Bluemix, Node-RED, Cloudant, and dashDB

Load XML data into dashDB

Load JSON Data from Cloudant into dashDB

Use DataStage to Load Data into dashDB

Integrate dashDB and Informatica Cloud

Bring Your Oracle and Netezza Apps to dashDB with Database Conversion Workbench (DCW)

Install IBM Database Conversion Workbench

Convert data from Oracle to dashDB

Convert IBM Puredata System for Analytics to dashDB

From Netezza to dashDB: It's That Easy!

Manage data with dashDB Support Tools

Use Aginity Workbench for IBM dashDB

Load delimited data using the REST API and cURL