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DataStage on Cloud

IBM DataStage on Cloud provides IBM InfoSphere DataStage on the IBM SoftLayer global cloud infrastructure. It offers the rich features of the on-premises DataStage deployment without the cost, complexity, and risk of managing your own infrastructure.

Flexible deployment

Flexible deployment options allow you to roll out new applications, data, and services with impressive speed. Subscription-based pricing helps reduce costs and optimize resources while facilitating intelligent investment in future growth.

Reduces time to value

Use of this offering reduces the time required for provisioning and deploying DataStage so that more resources can be devoted to developing new solutions and innovation.

Hosted vs Managed on Cloud - What does it all mean?

Watch this short video to hear about differences between hosted, managed, and on-premise product offerings. The video uses DB2 and dashDB as an example, but the concepts are the same for other hosted and managed services. ▼More

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