Workforce and Customer
Experience Assessment

A social business excels at creating highly engaging and personalized connections between people, information, and process. The result is smarter workforces and exceptional customer experiences.

Are you on your way to creating a smarter workforce and delivering exceptional customer experiences?

Do you know how to leverage your people, information and social insights for competitive advantage?

Take the assessment, get your results:

At the end of this assessment, you will receive a customized report designed to help identify your organization's personalized path and a set of recommendations you can use to gain the maximum value with your workforce and customer engagements.

The assessment is divided into two parts:

To get started, select the path based on your role or interests. For example, if you’re in a human resources or finance role or are interested in candidate, employee, or manager experiences of your organization, select "Workforce Assessment" below.

On the other hand, if you’re in a sales, customer service, marketing, or research and development role, or are interested in customer experiences as well as workforce, select "Workforce and Customer Experience Assessment" below.

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  • Workforce Assessment
  • Workforce and Customer Experience Assessment